Registering a Firearm

Any firearm purchased must be registered. After the registration is completed, there is a 10 day waiting period before the purchaser may pick up the firearm. In order for a firearm registration to begin all of the following three items must be present:

  1. Valid California Driver’s License, California Identification card, or military ID
  2. Proof of Safety Training (This is required only for handgun purchases). The following are acceptable as proof of safety training (only one necessary):
    • Handgun Safety Certificate
    • Concealed Weapons Permit
    • Valid BSIS Firearms card with valid BSIS Guard Card
    • Active, retired, or reserve peace officer ID
    • Active, retired, or reserve military ID
    • PCA 832 firearms training certificate
  3. Proof of Residency (Must be valid and current with current address and must have customer name as it appears on ID). The following are acceptable forms of proof of residency (only one necessary):
    • Valid California vehicle registration
    • Residential utility bill (90 days or newer). Examples of acceptable utility bills:
      • Water
      • Trash
      • (Note: Only STATE, COUNTY, or CITY bills will be accepted)
    • Valid pilots license
    • Valid BSIS guard card
    • Concealed weapons permit
    • Residential Lease Agreement